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Children's Emergency Relief Teams

(aka) Christian Emergency Relief Teams International, Inc.

P.O. Box 763
Crossville,  TN 38557
Phone: 888-299-8502

Sending teams of physicians and dentists to provide medical/dental services, needed surgeries, food and clothing to children in remote areas to relieve their suffering.

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Real Life Story


It was difficult to imagine as teenage Lusmilla recounts her story. She had a job collecting electrical payments in remote Peruvian villages in the Andes mountains. One day she was doing just that, and the next thing she remembers was waking up in the hospital in Lima Peru. While recovering in the hospital, she received a visit from Inocencio, a CERT national staff member. Inocencio brought Lusmilla to CERT, where her condition and needs were felt and seen. Lusmilla recently received her new prosthetics, made possible by the ministry of CERT. I asked Lusmilla if the new prosthetics made any difference. She replied, "BEFORE I HAD TO HAVE HELP WALKING, BUT NOW I AM ABLE TO WALK ON MY OWN." I wish I could express the look in her eyes as hse expressed her gratitude. CERT team members want to help Lusmilla get a formal education too; the reason for which she was collecting electrical payments. With Inocencio's encouragement, her educational goals have risen. She now plans to study psychology at a Cusco University and help others like herself ? "WALK THROUGH TRAIN WRECKS." Her dream will take five years of study and one year of residency. I asked Lusmilla how she was going to make it down what seems to be a very difficult six year path. She replied, "I have come to accept who 'I AM' and am prepared for the challenges ahead." We want to show Lusmilla the limitless love of Jesus Christ and help her attain her dreams ? so she can do the same for others! Thanks be to God for partners like you ? together ? we will!

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