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Matthew 25: Ministries

11060 Kenwood Rd.
Cincinnati,  OH 45242
Phone: 513-793-6256

Helping the poorest of the poor and disaster victims. Providing basic necessities and disaster relief, food, vitamins, clothing and education materials. Caring for a needy world and meeting the most basic needs of severely suffering people.

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Real Life Story

I raised my camera only to lower it."I cannot," I shook my head."I cannot intrude on this poor man's grief or his child's pain."

"But you must," insisted the doctor accompanying me."It is the only way people will know of our situation."

In many third world countries, food is still cooked over an open flame in a firepit.Earlier that day, a pot of boiling milk came falling down on this little boy, severely burning him on his head and upper body.

The father grabbed the toddler and carried him to the nearest hospital on foot, which took about two hours.Once he arrived at the hospital, he had to wait for hours because of the shortage of medical personnel and the many people ahead of him. The hospital did the best they could, which was very little.The hospital had no medicine; no bandages or dressings; no antibiotics; nothing for the child's excruciating pain.I was told the boy would survive, but it would be a painful recovery and he would be noticeably scarred for the rest of his life.

On a continuing basis, Matthew 25: Ministries provides critically necessary medical supplies to these hospitals.

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