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Lion of Judah Ministries, Inc.

12523 SE Old Cypress Drive
Hobe Sound,  FL 33455
Phone: 772-245-8693

Forgotten children -- AIDS orphans, poor children and pastor's children -- are provided outstanding education and loving care in a Christian setting in Tanzania.

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Real Life Story

The Lion of Judah Academy exists to help underprivileged children who have no other way to receive a good education.

Sarah's parents are in full-time Christian service. They would not be able to send her to a good school, if not for The Lion of Judah Academy. Here are her words (edited for brevity and clarity)?

"I am from a missionary family in Tanga. I want to thank God for The Lion of Judah Academy (for helping) my spiritual growth. When I arrived, I could not speak the Word of God. But now I have confidence telling people the Word of God.

I thank God also for my academic success. I know that The Lion of Judah is preparing me for a good future. I really want to be a member of Parliament. The teachers and the workers are helping us, so that one day, one time, the students may come to help (the community).

God is working in this school: it has a lot of vision. So we have to pray for the school?that one day, one time, we may have a teaching college here, preparing teachers who are Christians. Also, so that God can help us so that we can have a Christian university. The students can go on with the university?and they can know God. Also, so we can help the government in solving the educational issues."

To watch a video of Sarah's full message visit: and click on, "Sarah's Story."

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