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Population Reference Bureau

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Informs policymakers and others around the world about population, health and the environment, and empowers them to use the information to advance people's well-being.

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Real Life Story

PRB's Policy Communication Fellows Program empowers Ph.D. and doctoral students from USAID priority countries with the skills to translate their dissertation research into clear and actionable messages for policy audiences.

One of our recent Fellows, Evelyn Sakeah, a Ph.D. student from Ghana at Boston University, put these newfound skills to work sooner than expected. Her dissertation research looked at the use of training community nurses as midwives to improve maternal health outcomes. Evelyn was hoping that the Policy Fellows program would be able to help her articulate the steps that policymakers needed to take in order to achieve this feat.

Evelyn shared her web article about her dissertation, written for the Policy Fellows program, with her supervisors at the Ghana Health Service. In turn, they shared it with the President of Ghana during the presidential election. During a presidential debate, in response to a question about addressing maternal mortality, the president referred to data and recommendations from Evelyn's article. The president subsequently won the election, and when the EU granted 52 million euros to Ghana to address maternal mortality, he followed through and allocated funding within that grant to train more midwives, as Evelyn had recommended based on her research.

Evelyn has since been commissioned by the Minister of Finance to submit a proposal for the national budget to begin the scale up of midwife training in the Upper East Region of Ghana. She will continue to present this proposal to stakeholders within various ministries and around the country.

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