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Americans Helping Americans

(aka) Christian Relief Services Charities

8301 Richmond Highway
Suite 100
Alexandria,  VA 22309
Phone: 888-242-5026

Fighting American poverty by aiding needy Appalachian and urban Americans; providing low-income families, elderly, and veterans with basic relief, educational support, summer camps, summer food, and home rehabilitation.

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Real Life Story

Mary is by no means wealthy, but she is rich in heart.

When she learned of a family that had become homeless and lost everything they had except the clothes on their backs, she did not turn away - she turned to them and invited them into her home.

While Mary could offer them shelter from the cold Georgia winter, as well as food, she did not have the ability to buy other necessities for them. But thanks to our generous supporters, Americans Helping Americans® was able to provide for them. "Because you care and helped they have a blanket each, the boys have warm coats and new shoes, warm hats and even gloves and scarves," our partner in Georgia told us.

When the parents' 10-year-old son feared he would not be able to continue to go to the school he had been attending he was devastated. "But you helped him believe it would be all right by providing him with a nice brand new book bag with school supplies," she said.

"I may not cry forever after all," said the boys' mother. "Somebody just cares so much."

The good news is with help from a kind and gentle woman, and you, the parents were able to get back on their feet and within two weeks they both had new jobs and have been saving up for deposits and hope move to their own home within a month. "You are wonderful," she asked to tell our supporters.

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