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Giving Children Hope

(aka) Global Operations and Development-Giving Children Hope

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8332 Commonwealth Avenue
Buena Park,  CA 90621
Phone: 866-392-HOPE

Rescuing children, providing lifesaving supplies and emergency food to orphanages, clinics, shelters, and disaster centers serving homeless children in America, and poorest-of-the-poor around the world.

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Real Life Story

Over the last 2 years Giving Children Hope has sent over 20 containers of food, clothes & hygiene to Syrian refugees. Unfortunately the need is growing. There are 1.2 million refugees in Lebanon alone; 50% are children. Recently Executive Director Sean Lawrence visited Lebanon.

Turning off the highway, we pull up to a store front. We knock on the door; locks click & a bell jingles as it opens. The former hair salon houses a family of 12. Just 3 days earlier they were fleeing Syria for their lives.

Mattresses, mismatched chairs & couches fill the room as Ghayas Eliyahi & his wife do their best to make this workspace into a home. They are grateful for the food & clothing. They insist we share coffee with them as Ghayas tells his story.

Ghayas had a comfortable life in Syria. His family owned a market, passed on through generations. For years stories of civil war haunted them but rumors became reality. People began to disappear. Gunfire & bombings inched closer, eventually arriving at their front door. Ghayas made a decision to begin the long trip by car, bus & foot across the border to Lebanon.

Ghayas's family is among the lucky ones. Not only did they escape but they had friends who arranged for this temporary home. Others end up in unofficial refugee camps.

The couch I'm sitting on is also a bed for Ghayas's children. I tell them about my 3 boys & try to explain their love of surfing. Ghayas's wife tells us her children woke during a thunderstorm, sure they were being bombed.

Over & over we have heard stories of loss and hopelessness. Join Giving Children Hope as we provide temporary relief to move toward sustainable hope.

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